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Kenangan Bersama Kawan

Kenangan Bersama Kawan
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By. Muhammad Hajaruddin

Word Genesis “Bima”

Name “Bima” used to eternalize name The Bima. The Bima this region history figure that comes from outside region. He is declared as first king at this region, and breed the Bima has valid right on kingdom throne according to heredityly. area that dominated the Bima called by the name of Bima Kingdom.

While name other from Bima Mbojo. Follow story, name Mbojo come from language term Bima "BABUJU". Babuju tall soil, male hummock. Such soil in language Bima is called "DANA MA BABUJU". In Dana ma babuju made king inauguration place at do outside palace. From that term is then changes pronunciation is Mbojo.

Another version, based on folklore about the Bima. The Bima come from Javanese. A tambo narated, the Bima king breed Java (Jawa) noble Majapahit son from guide Dewanata has child 5 person that is: 1. Darmawangsa, 2. The Bima, 3. The Arjuna, 4. The Nakulo, 5. The Sadewo (story pewayangan Java).

The Bima one of the from brother five go to emigrate eastwards stop in satonda island come in contact with a gold scaly female dragon, moment that is incarnating as a pretty daughter. They say in a story, the Bima at order the teacher, The Durna look for holy water towards east. Both then marry, after marry, the Bima devolve the trip eastwards during sufficient. Follow tambo other, both doesn't marry according to pisik but only gaze at each other (to fight eye). After return eastward, the Bima doesn't find the female dragon. Found a handsome pretty daughter nameds daughter tasi dragon essence. See Putri Tasi Sari Naga, the Bima interested then marry. Obvious Putri Tasi Sari Naga the child self. But this matter is the Bima doesn't detect it. From this marriage borns two sons nameds Indra Zamrut and Indra Komala. When the Bima leave "Dana Mbojo", with wife and the family, the Bima leave a message to council Ncuhi, that is a time later, the breed will return and be king at Dana Mbojo (at Bima). A time g sufficient, second son the Bima, named Indra Zamrut and Indra Komala final came to Bima (Dana Mbojo). Both come to get to return to power the Bima at delegate entrust to Dara Ncuhi.

Not common for society Bima called name actually husband or wife. Husband will called the wife" sia doho siwe" , while wife calleds the husband "Dou doho mone" or both called "Dou di uma" . such also the Bima, must accustom with manners at Bima with called daughter the wife name tasi dragon essence with "Sia doho siwe" . While rule like that for him not bew matter. At wife Java (Jawa) soil the country is called bojo. The Bima doesn't use word "Sia doho siwe" to introduce the wife to another person but bojo that come from Java (Jawa) nese with pronunciation Mbojo.

Furthermore child the Bima Indra Zamrut be king Bima. He gets with Puteri Ratna Sari Peri essence has child 3 person: Batara Indra Bima, Batara Indra Dewa dan Puteri Ratna Dewi. Furthermore be kingdom king Bima: Batara Bima, Batara Sang Luka, Maharaja Mitra Indra Tarati, and Manggampo Jawa. In this time is pathed writing bo as history source Bima. bo that made during the period wear to throw with article Bima. Success manggampo Java (Jawa) is continued by king Indra Luka dan Maha Raja Bima Indra Suri wound and emperor Bima Indra Suri that has 30 childs, then Bima more bloom moment Indra Suri replaced by king Ma Wa’a Paju Longge where Ruma Tureli Nggampo (prime minister held by the younger brother manggampo donggo and Ma Waa Bilmana, later on pass their oath divides function ma waa bilmana as Tureli Nggampo while Manggampo Donggo as king) in this time (around century xv) found young military figure intelligent that is La Mbila, have a duty to expand kingdom power region Bima which is on that time success dominates almost entire NTT now is like East Alor, Sumba and Sawu.

Furthermore king the successor Ma Wa'a Ndapa success defend kingdom triumph top Bima up to century XVI. But fame Bima in the early century xvii delayed a moment, kingdom Bima experience continuous crisis. that sad event happens because figure manner nameds salisi ma ntau asi sensitive, putera king ma waa ndapa. follow his custom not justifiably to is king, because still there putera king more justifiably. salisi do terror with kill king samara and sarise, even crown innocent membunuhnya at hunt grassland wera. target salisi next jenateke (crown son) la ka'i still to reside in palace.

Although society Bima know Islam since at bring by Sunan Prapen year 1540, but in the year 1617 (1028 h) Islams begins to scattered widely at Bima in peace. Furthermore follow bo, Ruma Ma Brick Wadu (La Ka'i), La Mbila, Bumi Jara, dan Manuru Bata and brick gets Islam teachings. Furthermore La Ka'i change name is Abdul Kahir. That insident happens in 10 Rabiul Awal 1030 H. (1619). After pass long struggle final La Ka'i on Sultanate aid Makasar success beats Salisi at help Nederland.

After three victory months, on 15 Rabiul Awal 1050 H. or 5 Julies 1640, Abdul Kahir inaugurated as Sultan Bima I. Then in a series: Sultan Abdul Khair, Sultan Nurudin Abubakar, Sultan Jamaluddin, Sultan Hasanuddin, Sultan Alauddin, Sultan Abdul Qadim, Sultan Abdul Hamid, Sultan Ismail, Sultan Abdul, Sultan Abdul Azis, Sultan Ibrahim and latest Sultan Muhammad Salahuddin. Than

Jenateke (young sultan) H. Abdul Kahir II and now Jenateke Ferry Zulkarnain.

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